Archived File Specifications

Archived File Specification documents are located below. Definitions and permitted values for data elements collected via the KIDS Collection System for the specific year will be found by clicking on that year.
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KIDS 2014-2015 Information Documents

 TitleModified DateSize Created Date
KIDS Submission Overview: 2015-20167/20/2015125.65 KBDownload3/3/2015
KIDS 2015-2016 Collection System File Specifications7/20/2015625.33 KBDownload3/3/2015
Step-by-Step KIDS Submission Instructions3/3/201589.83 KBDownload3/3/2015
KIDS SLDS Overview3/3/20151.12 MBDownload3/3/2015
KIDS 2014-2015 User Guide3/3/20152.69 MBDownload3/3/2015

2015-2016 KIDS Submission Details Documents