What Is Data Quality Certification?

Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) has developed a Data Quality Certification (DQC) program with specialized tracks for data coordinators, administrators and a blended option. These tracks include instruction on general data quality practices and techniques, as well as intensive role-based training with the KSDE web-based applications, including the Kansas Individual Data on Students (KIDS) system, and their support resources.

DQC certification is becoming a requirement for KESA — staff members who handle student data at every district need this training. Data quality is not a one-time event, so neither is certification. Certification for the 2022 school year is becoming a District event and we recommend districts send all staff who handle student data submitted to any KSDE applications.

Certification is good for one year. On-line re-certification maintains that certification.

Some staff need specialized assistance in specific topics. For this, we provide DQC Concentration Electives. These courses will be updated for the 2022 School Year.

Look for more information about this on KIDS ListServ announcements!

Sign up for the KIDS Listserv by emailing kids@ksde.org and typing subscribe me in the subject line. For more information, please visit the KIDS website!

Certification Recognition

We used to host a Hall of Fame spanning back to 2007 on our DQC page but have not supported that page since the 2018 school year. We still maintain the Hall of Fame but do not publish it. We hope to reintroduce it on a new, improved site in the near future.

If you need to check to see if you are still listed as certified/recertified, please feel free to contact us.

Districts can also request a list of certified staff from us.


How Do I Get Certified?

KSDE recommends that KIDS staff become certified in the Data Quality Certification Program Track for Data Coordinators. KIDS staff that have approximately one year of experience are encouraged to take this advanced training program. This free program is dedicated to building a culture of quality data in Kansas and tracks for administrators and assessment & accountability staff are also available.

DQC District Accreditation:

Training available upon request. Please guarantee a minimum of five attendees for KSDE travel justification. A training style room with projection equipment or smart board is appreciated.

DQC Re-certification

Re-certification is available only in self-paced format. Completion requirement are:

  • Complete the IT Security and Data Privacy training (either the 2021 version OR the 2022 version, which becomes available in April 2022).
  • Complete the self-paced DQC Recertification module with a final score of 90%.
  • Complete the DQC Recertification course evaluation.

All tracks will be provided in the same course. Recertification course can be found on the KSDE Training Portal.