KIDS Training Tutorials

The KIDS tutorials available in the Training Portal provide an environment that allows you to explore the KIDS System, simulating searching for a student, uploading a batch file, resolving core student data mis-matches, and generating reports. All student-level data displayed in the KIDS tutorials are fake data.  

Introduction to KIDS/KEDS

Uploading Data in KIDS Tutorials

2024 KIDS Collection Tutorials

2024 Data Tutorials

KSDE Training Portal

This page is not the training site, just an informational page. You will not be able to login to this page. Logging into the Common Authentication page will not give you access to training.

KIDS Staff training and DQC trainings (both Certification and recertification) are available to anyone. KIDS is focused for anyone who uses KIDS. DQC focuses on people who use KIDS but can be applied to anyone who uses KSDE Authenticated Applications. You must login to the KSDE Training Portal to sign up for courses and to complete the content. Training tutorials and help questions are available in the portal.

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Upcoming Training Dates

2024-2025 KIDS Planned Changes!

The KIDS team provide the Planned Changes for the 2024-2025 school year via SIS conferences and Zoom spring 2024. A Self-Paced module is available in the KSDE Training Portal as soon of June 1. 

    KIDS Staff Training

    2023-2024 KIDS Staff training will offered, via Zoom, classroom or self-paced as a free opportunity for interested staff throughout SY2024. Sessions are intended for staff who have not used the KIDS Collection System before (or who have minimal experience with this system) and who will be responsible for submitting student data via KIDS. Instruction in the KIDS data elements and data quality information is provided--this year we are focusing on data more than software. Visit the KSDE Training Portal ( to sign up. 


    Data Quality Certification

    KSDE recommends that KIDS staff become certified in the Data Quality Certification Program. KIDS staff, school administrators, IT staff, and any staff involved in data submission and review that have approximately six month of experience working with data are encouraged to take this advanced training program. This free program is dedicated to building a culture of quality data in Kansas.

    DQC for District Accreditation Training:

      Training available upon request. Please guarantee a minimum of five attendees for KSDE travel justification. A training style room with projection equipment or smart board is appreciated.

    DQC Re-certification

    Re-certification is available only in self-paced format for people currently certified in DQC--certified in the prior school year or maintained certification via recertification each year. Skipping a recertification year will result in expiration of certification and to reacquire certification, initial certification is required.

    Completion requirements are:

    • Complete the KS K-12 Cyber Security and Data Privacy course for the current school year.
    • Complete the self-paced module with a final score of 90%.
    • Complete the course evaluation.
    All tracks will be provided in the same course.  Recertification course can be found on the KSDE Training Portal.