KIDS Report Descriptions

The KIDS system allows staff to generate reports based upon their submitted student data in multiple formats. The list below provides an explanation of each report and indicates under which category of reports in the KIDS Collection system where each individual report may be found. The search feature allows you to search the report descriptions on this page by category or key term but it is case-sensitive. Questions about the KIDS reports may be submitted to

 TitleModified DateSize Created Date
Admin Reports8/15/201876.86 KBDownload1/6/2017
Assessments Reports8/15/201876.57 KBDownload1/6/2017
Attendance Reports8/15/201878.30 KBDownload1/6/2017
Data Quality Reports8/15/201878.49 KBDownload1/6/2017
Military Reports8/15/201870.06 KBDownload8/15/2018
PBR Reports8/15/201871.79 KBDownload1/6/2017
SO66 Reports8/15/201875.19 KBDownload1/6/2017
Standard Reports8/15/201893.09 KBDownload1/6/2017
Student Course Reports6/8/202131.96 KBDownload1/6/2017